Rest of Your Needs

Sus nececidades

As you can see by reading through our website, we are here to help you get established comfortably in Tijuana.

There’s nothing more important to us than for you to have a soft landing when coming to Mexico. Whether you’re seeking to target your products for the Mexican market, or take advantage of Baja California’s prime real estate just south of California, we know the importance of a comfortable transition into Mexico.

The thing that worries our clients the most is going into an unknown land and leaving behind what they already know, for new experiences. Let the thousands of companies that have come to Mexico over the years shed your worries away, our portfolio speaks for itself.

No other company has more experience in industrial development and matters of industrial real estate in the entire Northwest of Mexico than Atisa. Believe us when we say that we are good at what we do and that we are here to help.