Your Additional Needs

Necesidades adicionales

• Fire protection system

A feature we recommend for any building is our fire protection systems, which vary from a general coverage ceiling sprinkler system to heavy-flow systems that will extinguish any fire immediately. We’ll recommend the solution that best suits your needs and those of your personnel and valuable equipment and merchandise.

• Refrigerated rooms

Depending on your refrigeration needs, Atisa can propose a solution specifically for you. Whether you’re working with certain chemicals or organic materials prone to decomposing, Atisa has many years of experience conditioning buildings with refrigerated rooms.

• Air Conditioning

If you need the production floor or warehouse to function at a specific temperature, Atisa can easily meet your needs. No matter the space’s size or ceiling’s height, the same air conditioning principles that apply for small homes also apply for industrial buildings.

• Special Coatings on concrete floor

Many times our clients deal with quality control issues regarding corrosive materials that require them to have special coatings on the floor of their industrial building. As our own measure of quality control, all of our floors are polished and given the utmost care due to its process in tilt-up construction. These conditions are excellent for the application of resins, epoxies and other special coatings that may be needed by your business.

• Soundproofing

Quality control may be required to develop some sound tests at you industrial building. Our sound proofing may be as simple as increasing the density of the medium between the sound testing area and its adjacent area, or a matter of managing acoustics through specially angled foam.

• Special Lighting

We can easily adjust the amount of light in your building according to your needs. Most times, all we have to do is add more lights to the ceiling of your building. As a proud member of the USGBC, we strongly recommend the use of energy-saving acrylic skylights that, in addition to keeping our buildings green, keeps your wallet happy!

• Special Machinery Foundations

Creating a special foundation for heavy equipment inside of your building is a situation we can easily tackle. After seeing the layout of your production line, we make sure to reinforce beneath the area where your machinery will be located. We do all of the dirt movement and subgrade compacting of our land. We stand by the quality of our work.

• Vacuum Systems

Whenever dust and airborne particles get in the way of productivity on the production floor, Vacuum systems provide a great way to clean the workspace. Quality control is no stranger to us and we recognize its importance for our clients’ businesses.

• Special Piping and Tubing

We can meet and exceed any of your needs for specialty piping and tubing. If you need any special resistance against corrosion or oxidation or extreme temperatures in order to decrease maintenance costs, maintain the purity of the material or for any other reason, we can equip your building with your special needs.

• Air lines

Many pneumatic machines require air lines to shoot compressed air into their working parts. Adding these air lines are literally a breeze! The air lines that your heavy machinery requires are fed by compressors of varying strengths to suit your needs.

• Forklifting Guidance systems

Making the most efficient use of space is at the forefront of our clients’ minds, so it becomes a priority of ours. Forklifting guidance systems allow our clients to use very narrow aisles, maximizing storage space, restricting vehicles to either be operated on a closed loop system or a system of two narrow lanes.