Build to Suit

Construcción a la medida

Atisa has over 30 years of experience in construction and delivering class A top quality buildings. Being a pioneer in Mexican tilt-up construction has been Atisa’s claim to fame for decades. As far as any records that Atisa has seen, no other Mexican company constructed a tilt-up building prior to Atisa’s first tilt-up in Tijuana. The Tilt-up building process is faster, cleaner, stronger, greener and more stable than traditional cinder block or brick construction.

The 7.2 earthquake in April 2010 in neighboring Mexicali didn’t even budge our reinforced concrete structures. In tilt-up construction, the walls are concrete, the roof is steel and the foundations are tied to the walls via more steel and concrete. When you have thousands of units of inventory, millions of dollars of equipment and the reputation of your business on the line, you want a quality building that will house your livelihood.

Our build-to-suit solutions are just that- real solutions for your building needs. Anything that you require from special warehousing systems to more electricity needs, we can accomplish. After building more than 200 buildings totaling more than 20,000,000 square feet, we have a lot of experience in providing solutions for our clients’ needs.