Movimiento de tierra

What are Earthworks?

Earthworks is the process of cutting, carrying, and depositing material from the crust of its place of origin to the final construction site. The conditions are set for the land to support any building or residence. Earthworks are the initial stage of any construction and represent a critical phase of the final project.

Atisa has one of the best teams in Mexico when it comes to earthworks, using specialized machinery and innovative technology. They also have specialized engineers who have been recognized for their quality workmanship.


At the time the earthwork is executed, several aspects should be considered. Therefore, Atisa conducts a geological study of the land. It consists of identifying geological faults or secure areas before starting construction.
Once the safe area has been chosen, or the ground conditions have been improved, the geotechnical study is responsible for examining the soil and subsoil to define the type and foundation conditions. This study recommends how deep should the excavation go and the amount of ground that is to be removed should ground improvements be necessary.

The next step is preparing the foundation. This process is better known as “cut, remove and fill” which means the soil is excavated and the material is then removed so treatment can be done. That same material can later be used as a filler and finally the dirt is evened out and smoothed.


At Atisa we have all the necessary machinery for the process: Tractors, Motor scrapers, and compactors. They can move hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per month and can completely remodel an entire landscape.

Our clients.

Among our clients which have requested earthworks are many industrial buildings located in Parque Industrial Pacifico, multi-unit residential townhomes, and houses at Hacienda Agua Caliente where Atisa Group.