The U.S. Green Building Council defines LEED as: “The most extensive, authoritative, and well recognized certification standard that distinguishes green buildings by their design, construction and operation”. The rating systems contain performance criteria through a list of prerequisites and credits, in which each credit has a particular sustainable objective that can be earned through the appropriate implementation of design and construction strategies. To become LEED certified, a building must meet certain prerequisites and earn a certain number of points. Depending on the level of certification that is desired, buildings must comply with a certain number of points as seen in the following list:

• Certified: 40 – 49 points
• Silver: 50 – 59 points
• Gold: 60 – 79 points
• Platinum: 80 or more points

The point system is based on 100 base points and 6 additional points that can be awarded for innovation and four points that can be gained with Regional Priority (only in the U.S.), a priority-based point system in which a regions environmental needs are weighed differently. As a committed sustainable developer, we offer our clients the possibility of having their facility awarded the desired level of certification. We can accomplish this in three ways:

• Providing a Build-to-Suit building with the desired level of LEED certification.
• Improve one of our portfolio buildings to achieve the desired level of LEED certification
• And soon, we will offer Gold and Platinum buildings in our property portfolio

If your corporate mission includes sustainability, we can help you by providing you with a LEED certified Green Building. We are well aware of the many benefits that being green can bring, and we’re here to help you make it a reality.